I’m a big fan of TED Talks. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Below are the 5 talks that have influenced me most and changed my understanding of the world one way or another. I can’t recommend enough TED and the value of creative thought it promotes. I can’t list all the talks I really like, so the below 5 were selected after a lot of filtering. Enjoy!
TED Talk & Speaker
The first place I can't give to anyone else but Simon Sinek - Start with Why. I was introduced to this talk by my university flatmate at the time - Stoyan Berov. It's by far the one that has changed my perspective on life the most. I even purchased the book and read it in a day. It's a worthy read.

Second place goes to Dan Gilbert explaining on why humans are bad decision makers and how this drives economists and statisticians mad.

A very witty presentation from Shawn Achor on how easily statistics can be influenced and the pitfalls of the word "on average".

The newer topic covered by Simon Sinek on leadership, to promote his newer book - "Why Leaders Eat Last". Another good look at the social aspects of leadership.
Randall Munroe, the guy behind the infamous XKCD comic on the web. Going through a few examples in his book "What If". Another read I can recommend. It's an entertaining watch for physics nerds and that shows the power of mathematics.

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