Starting up in Computer Science could be a scary experience for many, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. Everybody starts somewhere. The below 5 books are my personal favorites that provide high quality knowldege in a well presented manner. Worth the read! Enjoy!
Book CoverTitle & AuthorWhy?
How Computers Work
by Ron White
This book kind of inspired me to write this post. It's like an encyclopedia for adults, very graphical and to the point on how modern gadgets work. Ever wondered how touchscreens work? This book is for you.
The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction
by William E. Shotts Jr.
This is hands down the best introduction to UNIX I've ever read when it comes to the command prompt. It's a book you can read cover to cover. The key of course is to try out the exercieses. If you are new to Unix and the Linux world in particular, could not recommend this book enough.
Pro Git
by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub
Before getting into the coding bits and piece a good understanding of Git and Version Control Management is essential. It's good to start from early on and build on git functionality over time. It's very well written and is considered the Git 'bible'. Beware, a large chunk is settings. A completely free copy is available on here:
Python for Absolute Beginners
by Mike Dawson
For a person who has never touched programming in their life, this is the book to start with. You can eventually move on to C and C++ or Java, after you are comfortable enough with the high-level concepts Python offers.
Crack the Coding Interview
by Gayle Laakmann McDowell
The book is full of puzzles and brainteasers that are frequently asked at IT job interviews. Not all of them have really real-life practicle application, but it's a great way to put what you've learned in coding to a test. Some of the questions involve concepts that are a bit low-level for Python as a language, you can either look up more on C, C++, Java or just skip them.

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